3d Wall Mural Art Portrait by Andy Myers

March 06, 2011 By: yoseph Category: contemporary interior decoration

Andy Myers, a mural portrait artist has new idea of wall mural art as art portrait with 3d mural. He is using screw as material. Drilling thousands of screws to form as 3d mural and becomes awesome wall mural art. Andy Myers sells his works for £ 5,500. It’s reasonable price for art portrait. It’s a great idea of using household screws as material to get awesome and unique mural portrait as a form of wall mural art in form of 3d murals. Unusual mural by Andy Myers, a portrait artist is available in some famous man. Strange and cool! That is the first sight if you see wall mural art by Andy Myers. Mural portrait of screws gave extremely interior at your space. Detail and neatly design of mural art was applied with carefully by Andy Myers to provide perfect 3d mural portrait. Appropriate installed of screws at wood is really needed to get 3d mural such as wall mural art in here. It’s not easy to create wall mural such as his mural art. This art portrait made with a lot of patience. All are useful to get perfect design of this mural portrait. If you want to know more information about this 3d mural art, please visit Andy Myers, a portrait artist. Interested!

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3d Wall Mural Art Portrait by Andy Myers Pictures Gallery

3d Wall Mural Art Portrait by Andy Myers 3d Wall Mural Art Portrait by Andy Myers 3d Wall Mural Art Portrait by Andy Myers 3d Wall Mural Art Portrait by Andy Myers 3d Wall Mural Art Portrait by Andy Myers

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