Amazing Beach House Architecture in California by Steve Lazar

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Beach House Architecture

Steve Lazar Design/Build is amazing architect. His project named “The Lifeguard Tower Home” near The Hermosa Beach in California is inspired by wonderful seaside architecture. This building is a dream home with dramatic views of the beach. The plan is how to blend a simple concept of home design with unbelievable exterior and interior. In this case, the wall is designed from creativity and detail of technical and craftsmanship for a more quality finished. This house looks simple at outside but it’s definitely incredible at all architecture and construction. Lifeguard House brings outside views into inside space.

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This house has classic architecture which is inspired by the iconic seaside form of a lifeguard tower and exemplifies Southern California. It’s three story houses with unusual structure that based to the tower. The tower room is a place when the owner and guests are having a warm entertainment. Walks out on the grass floor to find cozy dining deck that faces the ocean. This space also has own water filtration system. At night, this tower room offers beautiful light through multiple windows that surround the structure. It presented for wonderful night while there is a lot of stars.

Steve Lazar Lifeguard Tower Home

Lifeguard Home Exterior

Technical details and workmanship honed through decades of building experience are tucked away between floor joists, framing & drywall to ultimately deliver a more quality finished home. The natural wood as an experience of green living in Lifeguard House. As other modern home project that care about the environment, it also uses sophisticated water filtration system and features on demand radiant heating and air. Maximum light of the sun and air is coming from the sliding glass windows. It provides bright and light room with fresh and cool atmosphere. It reduces the use of artificial light and air conditioning.

Baech House Living Room

Lifeguard Home Living Room

The Lifeguard Home by Steve Lazar is modern beach house which is the interior is dominated by white to provide brighter space. It is surrounded by dual glass wall to protect the heat of the sun light so the inside space will always cool at anytime. The outside views also can be enjoyed with easy with the glass window. A covered ceiling in reclaimed barn wood serves a dual purpose.  It defines and gives breadth to the living room space, and it physically elevates the deck sitting area directly above it, enabling an ocean view completely unobstructed by railings.

Dining and Entertainment Deck

Indoor and Outdoor Space

The deck is a space for dining and entertainment. It is completed with grass flooring. A classic example of form meeting function. The door from the tower room into the deck is connected by doors that open inward to create a cleaner, simpler portal while also remaining impervious to the wind. It is a romantic gesture to the past and a simultaneous whimsical nod to contemporary California beach-side living. Great pleasant of vacation and holiday is offered in here. Amazing seaside home!

California Beach House

Amazing Beach House Architecture in California by Steve Lazar Pictures Gallery

Amazing Beach House Architecture in California by Steve Lazar Amazing Beach House Architecture in California by Steve Lazar Amazing Beach House Architecture in California by Steve Lazar Amazing Beach House Architecture in California by Steve Lazar Amazing Beach House Architecture in California by Steve Lazar

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