Cool Christmas Ice Candle Decoration by Mathmos

November 03, 2010 By: yoseph Category: contemporary interior decoration

Christmas candle ornament

Mathmos offers ice candle for wonderful Christmas decoration. This ornament increases charming Christmas house decoration. The candle is created with creative design. Candle is made of ice. It is frozen. This ornament is available for indoor space. It looks luminous and cool for interior decor. When Christmas celebration is coming, many people are looking for Christmas ornament to make their Christmas house decoration become more beautiful including Christmas candle decoration. Christmas candle decoration can’t be separated from Christmas celebration. Christmas candle decoration looks so luminous and soft with ice candle Christmas ornament. It is really creative candle design for your Christmas house decoration. Ice candle Christmas decoration usually used for indoor Christmas decoration. Christmas candle decoration provides a festive and warm Christmas celebration atmosphere as well as outdoor Christmas decoration.

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indoor Christmas house decoration

Ice candle Christmas decoration from Mathmos has a variety of attractive colors such as gold and blue. Mathmos also provides ice candle Christmas ornament in different sizes and shapes. Ice candle Christmas decoration from Mathmos brings together two opposing elements of ice and fire. This creative candle design really has unique material. Fire and ice can be joined together to support each other through ice candle Christmas decoration. Fire and ice decoration looks very cool and warm as your mood during Christmas celebration. This Christmas ornament can last three hours before thawing, but you can freeze them again. Creative candle design of ice candle Christmas decoration gives you a cozy celebration. Ice candle Christmas decoration makes your indoor Christmas house decoration looks so awesome.

Ice candle Christmas decoration

Fire and ice decoration

Cool Christmas Ice Candle Decoration by Mathmos Pictures Gallery

Cool Christmas Ice Candle Decoration by Mathmos Cool Christmas Ice Candle Decoration by Mathmos Cool Christmas Ice Candle Decoration by Mathmos Cool Christmas Ice Candle Decoration by Mathmos

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