Exclusive Residence Property with Roof Deck in San Francisco

April 12, 2011 By: yoseph Category: modern house plan

We share exclusive property of San Francisco residence with amazing roof deck. John Maniscalco Architecture gives prestigious touch at this property. It is new four-story home which is establishes an understated but dignified urban presence on an atypically wide San Francisco site. This residence has a transitional two-story glass-walled entry hall draws user to an airy and open living level. This property which is namely Russian Hill Residence also has an increasingly light stair element transitions as connection from floor to floor ultimately arriving at roof deck enjoying panoramic views. Luxurious style of exterior and interior are presented at this comfortable home.

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Beside of roof terrace, John Maniscalco Architecture also gives magnificent outdoor patio for a great complement of modern living room. From living room, beautiful views outside of this house are easy to see with glass door. Modern sofa and chair combine with elegant bar table increase charming interior design space. Clean and smooth surface of bar table affected modern style added by modular sofa at the corner side. As an exclusive residence this home has high quality of appearance and artistic style. The architects use detail of design and concept for interior at all spaces including strong firm of exterior. It is exceptional design of modern home in San Francisco site area.

A simple touch of contemporary style applies at stairs that serve as a way to the next floor. At the upper floor there are startling space of gathering and dining room. Warm indoor fireplaces accompanied while is talking or eating. This property becomes exclusive style of San Francisco home because it is representative modern style of people at big city.  It is luxury residence that gives comfortable living place after a hard day. You can feel how cozy sleeping at calm bedroom with simple interior. At this room, there is equipped with black office furniture sets. Minimalist furniture with modern design was chosen in this place. At each floor, magnificent views of outdoor landscape are easy to catch with glazed. Even owners can enjoy scenery of the city and blue sky or shiny stars at roof deck. In fact, this place also equipped with modern sofa for relaxing and chatting.  Are you agreeing with me if it is really stylish and modern? John Maniscalco Architecture gives magnificent inspiration at this residence. Cool idea!

Photo by Paul Dyer

Exclusive Residence Property with Roof Deck in San Francisco Pictures Gallery

Exclusive Residence Property with Roof Deck in San Francisco Exclusive Residence Property with Roof Deck in San Francisco Exclusive Residence Property with Roof Deck in San Francisco Exclusive Residence Property with Roof Deck in San Francisco Exclusive Residence Property with Roof Deck in San Francisco Exclusive Residence Property with Roof Deck in San Francisco

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