Fascinating Residence, Lakeside House for Relaxing

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Incredible Residence in Texas

It’s fascinating residence with elegant interior. Acquavilla is amazing lakeside house for relaxing at weekend and holiday. The project is located in Austin, Texas. Winn Wittman Architecture transforms this mansion with playful touch that reflects the personality of the owner. It’s primary residence with five bedrooms and 10,500 sq ft area. As the owner, Milton Verret wants a home that able to fulfill all he needs about relaxing place that is completed with high technology of lighting and audio visual entertainment. This house has decorative exterior and interior. Delightful design is applied at all space and side of this mansion. Original façade with detail design of floral looks more magnificent with a custom designed of metal panel systems. Glass door and windows becomes the perfect way to enjoy beautiful views of the lake. Air circulation and natural lighting of the sun is no limit in this home. At all spaces, the owner can enjoy the lake and see the boat through the glazed.

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Glorious Garage Cars

At the first time, guests will see playful garage with several high class of sport cars. Garage exterior for the door was chosen from Cloplay. Exterior materials come from MTM Stucco & Plaster in Austin. Even for custom aluminum panels from CMT Austin, Texas.  Entrance is completed with elegant rugs from Christopher Reynolds, Los Angeles. Even the sofas comes from Avant Gallery, Miami. Unique freestanding Light Fixture and sculpture buys at Aqua Creations, New York and for the last, flooring is Decorum, Austin. The living room becomes perfect place for watching, sitting and relaxing while is enjoying the lake. At this space, the floor gets from MD Wood Floors, Coupland. Several furniture with elegant style are used at here. Some of thus are chair and coffee table from Functions, Los Angeles and couch from Spazio, Austin. For upstairs, there is rocking chair with vintage 70′s piece designed by Charles Hollis Jones and the door gets from Maverick Door Company, San Antonio.

Exuberant Residence

Extravagant Home Interior

Bathroom is designed with playful interior. Youth furniture and decoration give more attractive for the spaces. Black and white are dominated in this sleeping room. Glass window gives unlimited distance between the room and view outside. Even for bathroom there is modern tub from Inex, Beverly Hills. Sinks and faucets from Ferguston Enterprises, Austin. For sophisticated shower system, the architects choose Kohler. Dining room becomes comfortable place for mealtime while is seeing the lake and sailboat through glass window. Elegant dining table with white accents adds warm style for the space. This residence is also completed with sophisticated and modern kitchen with all appliances and furniture. Kitchen cabinets are using modern product from Cabinet Solutions. Even for the counter tops and flooring are using Alpha Granite product. Both of thus store are located in Austin, Texas.

Playful Bedroom

Bathroom for Enjoying Time

Exotic View at Dining Room

Sophisticated Kitchen

The owner and family also can enjoy the lake at outdoor terrace or swimming at cool infinity pool accompany by breeze. Infinity pool at lakeside house gives more exotic feeling and spoil the eyes to enjoy the day of weekend or holiday in Austin, Texas. Sitting at pool side while is reading a book or drink a glass of orange juice is so cool. Outdoor pool is designed by Ocean Quest Pools, Austin. For lighting, this home is dominated by LIGHTfaktor, Austin. It’s a big home with large space for everyone of the family.

Vacation Home with Infinity Pool

Fascinating Lakeside House

Extraordinary Relaxing House

Fascinating Residence, Lakeside House for Relaxing Pictures Gallery

Fascinating Residence, Lakeside House for Relaxing Fascinating Residence, Lakeside House for Relaxing Fascinating Residence, Lakeside House for Relaxing Fascinating Residence, Lakeside House for Relaxing Fascinating Residence, Lakeside House for Relaxing Fascinating Residence, Lakeside House for Relaxing

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