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With awesome idea, Nico van der Meulen Architects are success devise a property South Africa of South Africa house and could be the most luxury property in this site. South Africa house in here is completed by luxury interior design including white dining table. You will see majestic property South Africa at first sight. After you get enter in South Africa house, you will be presented by luxury interior design including indoor pool, bar, comfortable modular sofa and white dining table. Mealtime with family, couples and guests are very pleasure with white dining table. Let alone accompanied by bar and pool. It’s really high class style! South Africa house by Nico van der Meulen Architects becomes perfect luxury property which is very comfortable for living place. Wide site area of this luxury property adds high value of property South Africa. Luxury interior design which is presented by Nico van der Meulen Architects also increases elegant and exclusive style for this luxury property.

Hot weather at South Africa, not make Nico van der Meulen Architects gave up to build a beautiful property South Africa. That is way he creates two pools at inside and outside to offer easily enjoyable time for owners of this luxury property. Both of pools at South Africa house offer beautiful views outside in directly or through glass window. South Africa house offers luxury interior design to get comfortable feeling as living place through some luxury facilities and modern furniture. Calm nuance is the main theme of luxury interior design of this beautiful property South Africa. White, brown and black are dominated of all space at this beautiful house property South Africa including wall and furniture. Perfect combination of calm nuance make South Africa house by Nico van der Meulen Architects has cool atmosphere. Owners can make a great party at backyard or front yard. This luxury property is able to fulfill all needed of the owners. See all images of luxury property in here! Visit Nico van der Meulen for more information!

Please visit Nico van der Meulen Architects for more information.


UK aid funding furore, South Sudan famine fears, and catch-22 in Nepal - The Guardian
The GuardianUK aid funding furore, South Sudan famine fears, and catch-22 in NepalThe GuardianA Guardian investigation into investments made by the government-owned CDC revealed that millions of pounds of British aid money has been invested in the construction of gated communities, shopping centres and luxury property in poor countries. The ...
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Stunning Public Library Architecture by Hughes Condon Marley Architects http://www.bodew.com/stunning-public-library-architecture-by-hughes-condon-marley-architects/ http://www.bodew.com/stunning-public-library-architecture-by-hughes-condon-marley-architects/#comments Tue, 13 May 2014 15:25:57 +0000 http://www.bodew.com/?p=3806

Nice reading place! Whistler public library has stunning architecture completed with pedestrian walkways and reading circle. Hughes Condon Marley Architects success to give natural environment that is surrounding the building and magnificent architecture. It looks so natural with beautiful outdoor landscape of large garden and hill views. Added with green grass, big trees and blue sky, all are able to serves cool atmosphere while is searching and reading the right book. It makes all visitors are really interesting. Unusual shape of the building make it different with other public building design. Combination of natural wood and stone with concrete is successes to form amazing building design. Pathway becomes an access at Whistler public library area and connects between outdoor- indoor.

For interior design, the architects give strong touch of contemporary style and nicely furniture. Reading circle for children gives comfortable and safety place for kids to read their books. Beautiful landscape is also seen at children playground, garden and green parks. Large parking area able to contains so many car and bicycle of visitors. Rural landscape is created from great combination of natural landscape, pathways and unique architecture. Whistler public library has awesome interior with neatly bookshelves and comfortable reading room. Beside of that, reading circle make children won’t be boring at this library to get more knowledge with their parents and friends.  With stunning design and plan, architects offer comfortable and enjoyable time. It is great building design! Magnificent and cool place!

Images Courtesy from Martin Tessler

Walmart money builds wonderland of art - Logan Daily News
Walmart money builds wonderland of artLogan Daily NewsFive decades later she got the attention of the art world when she purchased “Kindred Spirits,” a spectacular work of the Hudson River School by Asher B. Durand, for $35 million from the New York City Public Library. The art world howled. The painting ...
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Earthquake Proof House Design with Waterproof Material in Japan http://www.bodew.com/earthquake-proof-house-design-with-waterproof-material-in-japan/ http://www.bodew.com/earthquake-proof-house-design-with-waterproof-material-in-japan/#comments Tue, 13 May 2014 15:25:56 +0000 http://www.bodew.com/?p=4084 Waterproof Material at Soccer Ball Floating House Design in Japan

Earthquake proof house design with waterproof material is really necessary in Japan. It is creative house design for natural disaster. As earthquake prone area, it is becomes proper house design for Japan and other states. G-Wood presents Barrier, an earthquake proof house with soccer ball shape. It is made of urethane as one of waterproof material. This material also able to make this house floating. It is able to floating at river or even sea. Urethane also serves as earthquake proof material. It is strong to resist from vibration of earthquake and also water of tsunami. Attractive and unique shape makes this house is really interesting design. Of course it is beside of the main purpose as an earthquake resistant home. This waterproof house is available in some colors and sizes. If you want to have this unique house, you could be booked at site below. Waterproof material in here is used to give proper house for earthquake and other disaster.

Creative House for Natural Disaster

Because of tsunami and earthquake at March 2011, Japan has big damage of thousand house and building. This house could be one of ideas to help Japanese people. Waterproof material and great house construction provide great idea of an earthquake proof house design. Earthquake proof material design is not only gives high protection but also serves as comfortable living place such as ordinary house. Amazing exterior is becomes attractive idea for other neighbor. This waterproof house has warm interior which is providing warm atmosphere for owners. Barrier by G-Wood is amazing earthquake proof house design. It is able to serves as entertainment for kids because of soccer ball shape. Wood material at inside equipped by fireplace provide warm house at winter. Unusual exterior, amazing purpose and warm interior combine to be prestigious house design. Earthquake proof material has high strength to avoid large of water. Waterproof house isn’t able to damage because of water. Finally, hopefully it can be great inspiration for you who really care of earthquake. Creative and cool design!

Japanese Earthquake Resistant House Design

Home Sweet Dome: How You Can Build Your Own House For A Fraction Of The ... - CBS Local
Home Sweet Dome: How You Can Build Your Own House For A Fraction Of The ...CBS LocalThe buildings are on the cutting edge of home design. Not only are they durable, they are all but indestructible. “They're fire-proof, hurricane-proof, tornado-proof, earthquake resistant and also the individual can be involved in building them. So it ...
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Fantastic Glass House in Transparent Garden Pavilion, Fisher House in New York http://www.bodew.com/fantastic-glass-house-in-transparent-garden-pavilion-fisher-house-in-new-york/ http://www.bodew.com/fantastic-glass-house-in-transparent-garden-pavilion-fisher-house-in-new-york/#comments Tue, 13 May 2014 15:25:54 +0000 http://www.bodew.com/?p=4397 Amazing Glassy House Idea

It is fantastic glass house in Fisher Island, New York. It’s more like transparent garden pavilion with walk pathway for comfortable living place. Just feeling how quite living in glass home while is accompanied by breeze of sea and green tress. Transparent pavilion is able to serves that feeling. In creative and innovative idea, Thomas Phifer and Partners present comfy and cool home in beautiful scenery of water and plants. Transparent house comes from glass perimeter which is providing cool and green grass, trees and plants at outside. It is nicely glass pavilion in large of beautiful garden. This transparent residence presents exceptional landscape of surrounding from each space and side. This house also gives amazing inner garden inside the house. It is great idea to bring cool garden from outside to inside. Extremely roof plan gives different touch of strong construction design. In canopy plan to offer fresh and shiny sun light for inner garden and gives strong natural light for the house.

New York Seaside House

Walk pathway has protection through canopy above and performing as easily access to go to outdoor garden. This fantastic house has exceptional balance between landscape and art. Wonderful landscape at outside and artfully interior is blending in cool and quite plan of exotic pavilion in green garden. In this garden pavilion, there is separated space in full of light and cool space which is has limited light. It has purpose to provide different space which is giving new feeling and not boring feeling of the owners of their daily time. It’s unusual house plan to combine cozy home with exotic pavilion with same material of glasses. Unique design of fantastic idea of a glass house that is also serves as cool pavilion at same time with transparent design.

Fascinating Home Site Plan

This house becomes new implementation of landscape and art. Inside and outside are combining in unique concept to provide fantastic harmony and balance. Transparent pavilion in simple volume while is all spaces are having private views of garden vegetation. Green trees and plants together with sea landscape get into this transparent house in cool and quite flow. It is sensational home retreat to live in green garden landscape. Nice living place for any time.

Artfully Home Design

Cool Garden Pavilion

Garden Walk Pathway

Artistic House Interior Design

White Beach House

Thomas Phifer and Partner House Project

Transparent House Pavilion

Quite Urban Home Design


Dallas City Guide to Family-Friendly Eating - Wicked Local Barnstable
Dallas City Guide to Family-Friendly EatingWicked Local BarnstableNot only does this park have plenty of room to run, it boasts a playground complete with a tree house and water features, live music, chess tables, ping pong, a putting green, a dog park, reading and game areas, croquet, daily events, and many food ...and more »
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World’s Longest Bridge of China’s Jiaozhou Bay, Strongest Cross Sea Bridge http://www.bodew.com/worlds-longest-bridge-of-chinas-jiaozhou-bay-strongest-cross-sea-bridge/ http://www.bodew.com/worlds-longest-bridge-of-chinas-jiaozhou-bay-strongest-cross-sea-bridge/#comments Tue, 13 May 2014 15:25:54 +0000 http://www.bodew.com/?p=4388 Best Bridge Construction

World’s longest bridge design has created in Asia. China ‘s Jiaozhao Bay is strongest cross sea bridge design that ever build. Longest bridge has been opened at June 30, 2011. Strongest bridge design is located in Qingdao, east China’s Shandong Province. This cross sea bridge has 42 kilometers or 26 miles of longs and links China’s eastern port city of Qingdao to an offshore island Huangdao. That is why it becomes longest bridge that ever cross the sea. China’s Jiaozhao Bay has strong construction. With strong material of the best steel, it is able to be across side of so many cars. Great and strong bridge design made in carefully construction to be magnificent cross street above the sea. Beside of that, it is also serves as strong identity of China as biggest country in Asia.

Longest Cross Sea Bridge Construction

Success of China while is able to built longest bridge which also becomes longest cross sea bridge in the world, make this country more respected and recognized as biggest Asia country. Strongest design of this bridge gives easily access to cross between two islands. It is also giving more easily access of transportation in China. There is only little cross sea bridge in the world. China’s Jiaozhao Bay becomes new start of construction and architecture design to create amazing dream becomes the real one in the real world. As the longest bridge, it is not also performing in great architecture but also strong in construction. Some images below we get from the internet to show all of you how majestic architecture design of longest bridge in the world.

China's Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

Marvellous Sea Bridge

World's Longest Bridge Design

Strongest Bridge Design

10 of the world's longest bridges - CNN
CNN10 of the world's longest bridgesCNN(Travel Leisure) -- If you ever find yourself in Hunan, China, rent a car and drive the Jishou-Chadong Expressway: 18 tunnels under the Wuling mountains that culminate at the Aizhai Bridge, a gut-churning 1,150-foot-high suspension bridge over the ...
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