Modern Home Estate Architecture in Los Angeles with Infinity Edge Pool

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Modern Estate Architecture in Hollywood Hills

What you see here is modern architectural design of exquisite home overlooking the views of Los Angeles city. Open plan applied so delightful with exceptional infinity edge pool. Sunset Strip is luxurious property with high technology system and modern architecture design in Hollywood Hills. Modern architecture looks from great combination of amazing new construction of steel, wood and glass. With red color, this property looks so grand and upright on the hills. Entertaining place for living is offered in here. The glass wall produces amazing home that looks like a museum at the top of the hills site. This residence is build with high technology system in one touch. Modern furniture was chosen to bring luxurious interior in great and spacious space with dramatic open plan. It is modern home with featuring art in every layout and settlement. Each space is designed with exquisite interior and featuring wonderful landscape for the exterior. Californian style, high technology system and spacious floor space are combining so smooth and deluxe. With high level of Hill house, this estate able to give sensational living place with entertaining from the city landscape and modern technology. Beside of that, this dream home also offers high privacy with all enjoyable time of living in modern lifestyle.

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Luxury Property in California with Infinity Edge Pool

Hollywood Hills is luxurious site area that is offering wonderful views of hills and the city of Los Angeles beyond. Sunset Strip is luxurious estate with infinity edge pool. At this place, owners can see dramatic views if the city while is swimming at the pool. Wonderful sky at night also can be enjoyed on the top of the hills through this residence.

Dining Pavilion with Exquisite Interior

Dining space is covered by large glass wall. With that glazed, dramatic scenery of the city is able to enjoy from inside the house. European cabinet provides delightful interior at dining room. Modern dining furniture in table chair is not only offering comfortable dining but also bringing glamour style at interior decoration. Added by crystal chandelier, the dining space looks more gorgeous especially at night.

Californian Style Home

Modern architectural design is not only showed at exterior but also seen in Californian style. White modern sofa and other modern furniture blend with stone fireplace combine together in a great living room space. As the center of the house, the living room becomes the master of the residence.

Great Functional Room with Stone Fireplace

Open floor plan is applied in Sunset Strip as luxurious estate in Los Angeles. Great room is used as functional space for warm living room accompanied by stone fireplaces. This room is able to use for warm conversation with all family and guests or having small party with them while is enjoying beautiful views of the city and sky.

Gourmet Top Line Kitchen

Delightful kitchen is designed in detail and uses sophisticated design and high technology as modern home. Gourmet-top line kitchen looks so smooth. Kitchen is also completed with breakfast table for warm mealtime at the morning. Black accents give more elegant at kitchen space as a part of modern home.

Modern Home in California with One Touch Technology System

Sunset Strip is modern estate for living place with modern style of architecture and technology. It uses one touch technology system. Located in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, this property is suitable for relaxation or having small party with family and close friend. There is contemporary wood staircase that is connecting the ground floor and the upper floor. Magnificent lamps accompany at the long way to the upper floor.

Modern Bedroom with Viewsite of The City

There is comfortable bedroom with view site of the city. Modern interior also designed in this room. With large glass wall, wonderful landscape is easy to catch. Spacious space with minimalist furniture give the room looks larger.

Modern Architectural Property

Modern property also looks from delightful bathroom and fascinating interior. Arch floor lamp gives extraordinary decoration. White bathtub provides elegant style for bathing time. Large sliding glass door gives sensational time for soak at the bathtub. Magnificent time is offered at this room. There is also wonderful glass shower at this modern estate. Luxurious glass bathroom shower offers sensational and sexiest feeling of taking a bath and having cool relaxation. White bench gives more satisfaction of relaxing place. Added by plants, it could be the most enjoyable bathroom that ever been designed. High level of modern lifestyle is really offered at this home. Living here feels like living in modern palace on the hills. Wonderful residence for urban living! To find more information about this modern estate, you can visit Sunset Strip.

Luxurious Glass Bathroom Shower

Modern Home Estate Architecture in Los Angeles with Infinity Edge Pool Pictures Gallery

Modern Home Estate Architecture in Los Angeles with Infinity Edge Pool Modern Home Estate Architecture in Los Angeles with Infinity Edge Pool Modern Home Estate Architecture in Los Angeles with Infinity Edge Pool Modern Home Estate Architecture in Los Angeles with Infinity Edge Pool Modern Home Estate Architecture in Los Angeles with Infinity Edge Pool Modern Home Estate Architecture in Los Angeles with Infinity Edge Pool

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