Paris Hilton House Inside – Beverly Hills Mansion

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Beverly Hills Mansion

Paris Hilton house inside in Beverly Hills Mansion, California, has Mediterranean house style with five bedrooms. Paris Hilton house valued at $ 6.25 million surrounded by tropical gardens, tropical trees and beautiful roses. Swimming pool and open terrace make comfortable and warm Paris Hilton house Inside to hang out in accordance with her character in Beverly Hills Mansion. Open space at ground floor and a Spanish-style arches, creating a classic decoration style in elegant living room with classic furniture. Mediterranean house style of Paris Hilton  house in the middle of the ground floor there are stairs to the upper floor into office room and bathroom. Paris Hilton house inside has Luxurious office room next to the bathroom, the long rows of mirrors at the same time into make-up room. Make-up room with a light red color and wardrobe room of Paris Hilton clothes, shoes and accessories. Spacious and elegant bathroom with pale colors, marble floors and paintings on walls of bath tub. Bath while enjoying the beautiful scenery of area around Paris Hilton house, overlooking the city center. This mediterranean house style in Beverly Hills Mansion  representing something of a challenge for the 26-year-old, who famously renovated her former Twenties-style home.

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Paris Hilton mediterranean house style

Paris Hilton House Inside

Paris Hilton Luxury Bathroom

Paris Hilton House Inside – Beverly Hills Mansion Pictures Gallery

Paris Hilton House Inside – Beverly Hills Mansion Paris Hilton House Inside – Beverly Hills Mansion Paris Hilton House Inside – Beverly Hills Mansion Paris Hilton House Inside – Beverly Hills Mansion Paris Hilton House Inside – Beverly Hills Mansion

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