Remarkable Home Extension and Remodel Overlooking San Francisco Bay

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Remarkable Home in San Francisco Bay

Garay Residence could be the best inspiration of remarkable home extension and remodel. Overlooking San Francisco Bay, this house offers dramatic views of natural site. The owners want to have a dream house which is spoiling them of wonderful landscape of the bay. Start from 2,000 square foot area, this residence increases into 3,200 square foot house. It is modern home with great combination of steel, glass and stone wall. Maximum natural light is entering with no limit through the glass wall and doors. It is remarkable home with frameless glazing, pocketing glass doors and dramatic cantilevered roof extension seamlessly connect interior space to exterior space, blurring the boundary between the two. Master bedroom is facing forward into outdoor pool and wonderful bay. House remodeling was done to get more spectacular views of natural environment that is surround the residence. Swatt Miers Architects are success to create a comfortable and beautiful home to be occupied. Fantastic remodel base on splendid extension idea!

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Remarkable House Extension

Master bedroom is facing the outdoor pool and the bay landscape. Outdoor area is used for the pool and terrace. Both of these are completed by grass land and surrounded by green plants. The wall is dominated by glass to give maximum skylight and blurring the boundary of interior and exterior. At other side the wall is dominated by stone. Natural environment combines with natural element of house material for a nice living place with stunning architecture. And all come from great remodel and house extension.

Stunning American Home Remodel

It is stunning American home with modern remodel base on to get the spoil of natural landscape. At first time, guests will enter their car into magnificent garage. Garage is dominated by stone clad wall. It showed strong character of the home and the owners. Green plants add nature views at stone area. It is wide pathway as a way for the cars enter into the house.

Fantastic Home Remodel

Fantastic home remodel will create comfortable home for living and eye catching design. Proportional floor plan and layout will increase the main idea of cozy residence. From images above, you will see the floor plan layout of Garay Residence after remodeling and added by wide space for the extension.

Splendid Home with Spectacular Views

In this home, living room and dining space is located in same floor and space area. Both of the two are facing dramatic San Francisco bay landscape through the glass wall. This room has bright interior. Maximum sun light helps to create this bright. Contemporary furniture is used to get more harmonious with the natural elements. In this space, nature is maintained through the plants.

Splendid Kitchen Interior

Splendid interior applied in the kitchen space. Modern furniture just like high chair gives cool seating at breakfast. Cooking feels so cozy with sophisticated appliances and bright light. Clean and smooth counter top increases modern style at this cooking space. This house is using parquet floor to get natural atmosphere.

Modern Bathroom Completed by Green Plants

Plants can be separated from each space at Garay Residence. It is including at the bathroom. Plants add cool atmosphere and relax feeling to clean and refresh the body. Modern interior decoration applied to a large mirror and white washbasin. Bathroom is completed with bathtub and glass shower.

Swatt Miers Architects was success to create spectacular house overlooking San Francisco Bay. Big outdoor pool and outdoor terrace unify with the nature landscape. After the remodel and added by modern extension, this home turns into a dream home which is dreamed by many people. Love this house!

Spectacular House Overlooking San Francisco Bay

Photo by Russel Abraham

Remarkable Home Extension and Remodel Overlooking San Francisco Bay Pictures Gallery

Remarkable Home Extension and Remodel Overlooking San Francisco Bay Remarkable Home Extension and Remodel Overlooking San Francisco Bay Remarkable Home Extension and Remodel Overlooking San Francisco Bay Remarkable Home Extension and Remodel Overlooking San Francisco Bay Remarkable Home Extension and Remodel Overlooking San Francisco Bay Remarkable Home Extension and Remodel Overlooking San Francisco Bay

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