Warm and Rustic Interior Design at Cotta Cafe in Melbourne

September 14, 2012 By: yoseph Category: contemporary interior decoration

Warm Cafe Interior Design

Love this warm restaurant! Cotta is new cafe in Melbourne and designed by Mim Design. It is created with rustic interior design which is looks so impressive and bring warm atmosphere of dining time. It is recently completed for news style of dining place. Space interior fully loaded of stylish accessories and visual merchandising. The designer applies rustic decoration to bring warm atmosphere for all the customers while is having delicate dining with partner, friends or couple. Mim Design was contracted to complete the graphics and branding, uniform and packaging design, accessories and merchandising, design of custom furniture pieces as well as the full interior design scope. Eccentric decoration is applied in this cafe. Furniture and accessories have stylish design and suitable with rustic concept. Stylish ceiling lamps are installed so clearly of lighting fixtures. Red pendant lamps with different sizes and long give new and fresh sensation of dining time.

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Modern Restaurant with Private Space

Beside of the lamp design, each furniture has different choice according to the dining space. In Cotta, there is private space for dining with leather sofa. This private room is protected by partition with square hole. It is providing privacy but also can share with other social activity. At the other space, there is long square table and completed with cool stools which are made of natural wood. Open floor plan is applied in this cafe. It provides wider space. It also gives more touch of rustic which is blending with modern urban style.

Strong Steel Partition for Restaurant

Space partition can be chosen according to the floor plan. The most important is the partition has strong construction. Steel could be a great choice for the material. It is light and durable for years. In this case, there is open floor plan to provide wider space. Partition with big hole can be a good alternative. There is tall partition with holes to share and gives public touch of dining.

Artistic Wall Partition

Cotta Cafe in Melbourne also has strong and artistic wall partition. Big square holes of the divider give artistic style for the space. Privacy space but also serves for public. Mim Design applies high level of graphics and branding of each visual idea.

Rustic Cafe Interior Design

Rustic cafe interior design can be created with warm touch of several materials. Natural elements of wood bring exotic style for rustic space. Rustic furniture was chosen with vintage or traditional design. Cafe must have stylish lighting. Modern and stylish lamps including ceiling or floor lamp are needed to fully and create fascinating interior design. Red and glossy pendant lamps offer warm lighting and deluxe space decoration.

This modern cafe bring fresh atmosphere of rustic interior. Cozy dinner is offered in here. Accompanied by amazing decoration provide exciting time of relaxation with friends, family or being alone. Nice place for hunting delicious food!

Stylish Cafe Lamp Design

Photography by Derek Swalwell

Warm and Rustic Interior Design at Cotta Cafe in Melbourne Pictures Gallery

Warm and Rustic Interior Design at Cotta Cafe in Melbourne Warm and Rustic Interior Design at Cotta Cafe in Melbourne Warm and Rustic Interior Design at Cotta Cafe in Melbourne Warm and Rustic Interior Design at Cotta Cafe in Melbourne Warm and Rustic Interior Design at Cotta Cafe in Melbourne Warm and Rustic Interior Design at Cotta Cafe in Melbourne

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