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Western Home with Textural Interior and Exterior in Austin, Texas

May 13, 2014 By: yoseph Category: beautiful architecture design, luxury american house design

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Textural Exterior for Elegant House

Proportional home architecture! Watersmark 35 House is western home with textural interior and exterior in Austin, Texas. Love in natural is the main idea of this wonderful residence. The house descends the slope with naturally terraced site. Amazing plan is bringing and sweeping dramatic scenery of natural surround at each room. Glass materials at large window, wall and bridge is combining so gentle with natural stone for textural interior and exterior at same time. Natural terrace and patio blend with outdoor balcony for awesome views and move into the house. Outdoor patio and terrace is designed for comfortable gathering and accompanied by cool atmosphere of the hills. Western interior comes from contemporary furniture and vintage decoration at each space. That’s includes living room, bathroom, kitchen and others. Element materials of wood, stone and metal provide high quality of home construction and naturally texture of the architecture. The elements work together for a nice retreat for rest in the holiday with family and friends.

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Calm Living Room at Hill House

Western Home Interior

Mell Lawrence Architects do a great job. The sun maximize to shiny at the living room. It’s helped by generous glass window to give easily air circulation and natural lighting. Minimalist interior decoration with western style is coming from modern furniture of table chairs. Overlooking the valley landscape through the windows is enjoyable and interesting at any time. Private suite home is protected by stone facade. Large windows and doors produce unlimited sun light for bright and warm house and give maximize views of the valley. Guests will be welcomed so well and served with warm atmosphere. Textural interior of natural stone elements manifested so amaze. Nice place for an interesting conversation.

Contemporary Kitchen with Stone Wall

Cooking space created so contemporary. Wood dining table is look in square design foe classical style. Small conversation is accompanied with wood fireplace. Sophisticated kitchen was chosen for easy cooking and a little bit of modern urban touch. A little of rural style is showed.

Bright Bathroom with Large Glass Window

Master bathroom is surrounded by generous windows to bring the sun into the house. At night, it reduces artificial light and provides wonderful stars and sky. At other space, there is modern table chairs with soft white sofa serves as enjoyable family gathering space while is forward into the valley site views.

Private Suite in Urban House

Delicate bathroom is decorated with white bathtub and two bathroom mirror and clean washbasin. Open space with unlimited landscape is produced in here. Relaxing place for private activity! Each room interior turns into an exterior room with magnificent outdoor landscape.

Homely Family Residence

Western home interior is designed so delicate for a nice retreat or vacation home. In fact, it’s comfortable home for family. Stone façade provides high privacy. Strong construction of glass, metal, concrete, wood and stone elements combines so harmonious. Natural landscape of the valley and slope site is turning into wonderful neighborhood. Noble and elegant house architecture!

Proportional Home Architecture

Contractor by EDACO

Landscape by Mark Word

Interior by Mark Ashby & Marey Ames

Images by Hester + Hardaway

Western Home with Textural Interior and Exterior in Austin, Texas Pictures Gallery

Western Home with Textural Interior and Exterior in Austin, Texas Western Home with Textural Interior and Exterior in Austin, Texas Western Home with Textural Interior and Exterior in Austin, Texas Western Home with Textural Interior and Exterior in Austin, Texas Western Home with Textural Interior and Exterior in Austin, Texas Western Home with Textural Interior and Exterior in Austin, Texas

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